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At Studio 86 we do everything from taking photos of people to wildlife photography. Our projects come from our experience in the world of wildlife photography and videography.  We have been behind the camera for more than 30 years.


Our work apears in national publications, wildlife park brochures, USFWS websites and printed material, and DGIF material as well. All our material used for DGIF and the USFWS is used free of any compensation to us.  

If you are interested in any of our photos, please contact us prior to using them.

Our Policy About Sharing and Selling Photos


All of our photos are special to us and we cherish each and everyone we have.  We love sharing what we see with everyone so that those who cannot go out and see what we see, can enjoy our adventures with us.

And with all that being said, it is on a rare occassion that we give away or sell any of our photos.  We have shared our photos with a few publications and have even made some prints for friends and family.  But it's not often we do this.  But, if there is a photo you see here on our website that you feel you would like to see hanging on your wall at home, let us know.  Depending on the photo, we can come up with a price for a photo printed and framed.  Although we may sell a photo framed, we still maintain the copyright on anything we sell or share.

For inquiries about purchasing any of our photos please use the contact form.

All of our photos are copyright protected and cannot be used for any purpose without the express written permission of Studio 86, Wildlife Up Close©, John Moore or Kathy Moore. 

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